Super Comfortable & Super Cute!!!

These are just so comfy, plus, my feet don't sweat in these... I have hyperhydrosis, and sweaty feet can lead to very gross slippers, so it's really nice to have slippers that somehow keep my feet at the perfect temperature, keeping them nice and dry. Yay! Btw, these slippers are super cute as well... double Yay!!

-Connie G.

Love This SO MUCH!!!!! Best Purchase of The Year!!!

Oh yeah, I bought another pair a few months ago. That is how much I adore these slippers! The first pair is still holding up well to washings. I wear them whenever I go outside in the backyard, mostly walking on grass. They are slightly worn looking compared to the new pair. The new pair I wear around the house and in the front yard (mostly walking on the side walk). I even wore them to the ER recently, because I felt like I could get away with it and why the heck not, I thought I was dying. Hehe. I wish I could find comfortable shoes like these slippers for going out on town!


So COMFY and fits the foot well!!!

These are the commies slippers I have owned. They actually fit the foot, similar to a show so, they don't slide around but, they are not tight. They are somehow both firm and squishy in all thr right ways. I didn't expect much when I bought them because, I just thought they looked cute but, those are really great slippers!

-Rihanna J.

Our Mission

Raemelia combines comfort and versatility. Wear yours around the house, outside, at the beach or in the shower!

They are easy to clean and anti slip.


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